David Lee, Class of 2023(University of Michigan, Doctor of Dental Surgery 密西根大學牙醫系 US#1 / Dartmouth College 常春藤盟校達特茅斯學院)
July 7, 2019

To the ambitious students seeking/pursuing higher education in the US,

This is by no means a letter to promote myself, but rather to introduce a supportive friend and teacher, Johnny, to you. Over the past 6 years, I have come to know Johnny at a personal level.

First impressions? Smart, Specific, and Sincere.

Smart because Johnny has the knowledge or “pieces of the puzzle” so-to-speak, to help and serve different students with distinctive needs and backgrounds. Specific because his strategies to help students reach their goals all play to each student’s individual strength and personality. He meets students where they are, but he does not leave them there. Sincere, because he gives students not only application advice, but also a clarity of mind and a peace of heart in the midst of the chaotic, high-pressure process. He’d even buckle down hours past his sessions to invest in students. He shares from many years of hard fought experiences, and what you learn will definitely carry on for years to come, whether it be in applying for internships, graduate school, or a job.

Johnny has been there with/for me for college and he has helped me even further for dental school!!

Sincerely, David L.
University of Michigan School of Dentistry