Rita Hung, Class of 2023(UC Berkeley 柏克萊加大 US #20)
July 17, 2019

For a person who drifts around often, TopScore is both the anchor and the lighthouse that I’ve not found anywhere else.

Before I came to TopScore, I have to confess that, being the self-motivated learner that I always have been, I haven’t tried to push myself to truly venture beyond my own grasp of education, of college, and of life. However, Teacher Johnny, gradually and patiently, mentored me to realize that it was a necessary step to achieving greater goals for the higher purpose of making a difference in my community with my ability and talent. Throughout this journey known as the college application process, I’ve stretched my brain (while whitened several strands of my hair, not to mention all the paper cuts I got from folding endless origami), slept less than I ever did in my entire life, and, actually tried to make meaning out of it all in my life.

It was in my crucible of self-search, self-doubt, and self-discovery that TopScore was beside me at all times, encouraging me to push just a little further. Their encouragements obviously worked extremely well, through my SAT, my activity planning, my college essay writing, and my interview practices, and I reached places, seen the view, and felt the life that I’ve never imagined.

If I was dry sand, TopScore has applied the heat and the craftsmanship to transform me into glass—and perhaps a glass that vessels water to bring life to the dry sand of other lives.

Thank you Johnny, thank you Kate, thank you Julie, thank you Jessica.

Thank you, TopScore--you’re definitely the best.