Zoe Chang, Class of 2025(Wellesley College 衛斯理學院、全美文理學院排名 #4)
February 20, 2021

坦白說,中學前兩年我彷彿是在一條崎嶇不平的路上顛簸前進,幸好,當我站在薄霧瀰漫的十字路口徬徨著該何去何從時,TopScore 的出現為我指引了一條明路,陪我勇敢堅定地向前行!

對剛升上九年級的我來說,大學似乎遙不可及,也不知在達到這個目標前要面對多少挑戰和付出,但這三年多來,TopScore 引導我一筆一畫在我的畫布上揮灑出繽紛色彩,以不同的觀點豐富我的視野,使我變得更成熟自信,用更清晰的思維專注於未來、熱情地完成每一項任務,TopScore 之於我已不只是一個充滿歸屬感的社群,更像是一個家,時常鼓勵我努力尋找自己真正感興趣的事,分享自己所有,為社會帶來正面影響。

在申請大學的準備過程中,Johnny 老師長期的培訓、叮嚀讓我面對大學面試時能更具大將之風,透過不斷的練習幫助我找到自己的優勢,「保有自我,但更要超越自己。」Johnny 老師的這句話每每在我徬徨無力時給予我強大的力量,讓我知道有個堅強的 TopScore 團隊在身後支持著我,激發出我真正的潛力。

從前的我就像是隨波逐流的落葉不知自己會流向何方,但當每個月結束與 Johnny 老師的諮詢步出辦公室時,我的目標似乎更加清晰地浮現。儘管大學申請之旅已結束,但對我而言,學習仍不斷持續。

如同種子需要水才能茁壯,TopScore 就像是滋養我的水源,而我將永遠感謝他們的支持和信念。謝謝 Johnny、Julie、Kate 和學長學姊們,謝謝 TopScore!


TopScore was the place where I realized my aspirations, my goals, and most importantly, my community. To be honest, the first two years of my high school was a bumpy road. I was standing in the mist at confusing crossroads, figuring where to further my journey, and fortunately TopScore was my guiding light.

In the beginning of high school, college still seemed far away and I had a lesser idea of the challenge and effort it will take. I was an empty canvas in which, over the years, TopScore has added more color, and enriched me with different perspectives. Through constant support from Teacher Johnny, I had grown more mature, gained confidence, achieved personal growth, and had a clearer mindset to focus on the future and feel passionate about every project I do. Before long, I had called TopScore a community, a home. TopScore also provided me with invaluable insight into how I can make a difference to the community by finding what I’m really passionate about and sharing it.

Johnny also helped me immensely with college interviews, training me and giving me invaluable tips on being presentable. It takes practice, and at the end I found my own niche in how I approach interviews, and my biggest takeaway is: be authentic, look beyond yourself! This phrase has guided me along in my final two years of high school, and I have the entire TopScore team to thank for helping me realize my true potential throughout these years.

Before, I was adrift on an ocean with no clear direction to where the destination lies. But, step by step, as I moved forward with guidance sessions each month in Johnny’s office, the destination became clearer and more discernible on the horizon. Even though my college application journey has come to a close, it still was a learning process, and I am excited to continue on the path that leads me forward beyond college.

Like seeds, they need water to grow. TopScore was the water to my seed, and I am forever grateful for their support and faith.

Thank you Johnny, Julie, Kate, and 學長學姊們,thank you TopScore!

Zoe Yu-Shin Chang, American School in Taichung
Wellesley College Class of 2025