SAT考試真題解析 #01

破解2023年Digital SAT考試考題

TopScore教學團隊致力於幫助孩子們更好地準備新的機考Digital SAT。我們特別收集了最新的機經,並且高度還原了真題內容。這些機經是由我們團隊中眾多學長學姐在機考後分享給我們的,雖然用詞有些許出入,但原意相同。這些機經僅供學生私下練習使用,不代表官方立場。(機經:培訓慣用語,原意為機考經驗,後表輪替中的機考真題。)

我們希望家長有機會了解新制Digital SAT這一日趨重要的美國大學申請標準化考試的閱讀部分所考察的能力。同時建議家長從七年級開始逐漸培養孩子的SAT閱讀的四大必要背景知識:1. 詞彙、2. 語境、3. 邏輯論證和4. 文化素養。


1. 【March 11, 2023】

The following text is adapted from Emily Pauline Johnson’s 1917 poem “Shadow River.”

Midway ’twixt earth and heaven,
A bubble in the pearly air, I seem
To float upon the sapphire floor, a dream
Of clouds of snow,
Above, below,
Drift with my drifting, dim and slow,
As twilight drifts to even.
The little fern-leaf, bending
Upon the brink, its green reflection greets,
And kisses soft the shadow that it meets
With touch so fine,
The border line
The keenest vision can’t define;
So perfect is the blending.

Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word?
A)joins with
B)shines on
C)speaks to
D) departs from




  1. 文化素養:
    • 美國東北原住民
    • 美國自然主義
  2. 語境:
    • 文學語境
    • 譬喻
    • 意象
    • 擬人化

該題考察孩子將人類與自然精神結合並將實體抽象化的能力。在文中,“kiss”一詞並非指實際接觸,而是表示擬人化和抽象化的親密與結合。因此,正確答案為A) joins with 結合/融入。雖然一般理科思維的孩子對詩歌文體較不擅長,但如果具有美國原住民和美國自然主義的背景知識,這題的難度並不高。

2. 【May 6, 2023】

The King Arthur legends as we know today are shaped by compilations of numerous historical texts, with five particularly significant contributions. The earliest accounts, around 970, are approximations, as the legend predates specific titled editions. Geoffrey of Monmouth's "Historia Regum Britanniae" (circa 1136) is pivotal, establishing a foundation for Arthurian literature. Wace's "Roman de Brut" (1155) expands on Geoffrey's work, introducing the Round Table concept. Later, Thomas Malory's "Le Morted 'Arthur" (15th century) compiles and reinterprets Arthurian tales, solidifying the legend's elements. The development of these texts highlights the blending of fact and fiction that enriched the legend over centuries. More specifically, it is interesting to note that the popular story of "King Arthur's knights meeting around a round table" emerges in literature post-Geoffrey, particularly with Wace, marking the evolution of Arthurian legend from historical roots to rich fictional narratives, and we can most likely say that __________.

A) In the "The Legend of King Arthur 1155 Edition," its author added information from sources that the author of "The Legend of King Arthur 1136 Edition" did not have access to.

B) The story of "King Arthur's knights meeting around a round table" was a well-known legend before the writing of "The Legend of King Arthur 970 Edition," but many authors chose to omit it until the 15th century for unknown reasons.

C) The inclusion of the round table story in the later editions indicates a decline in the authenticity of the King Arthur legends, as earlier books are generally more reliable sources of historical events.

D) The appearance of the round table story in only the later editions suggests that King Arthur and his knights might have actually lived in the 15th century, closer to the time when these editions were written.

Choice A is the most logical completion based on the information given, indicating the evolution and addition of elements to the Arthurian legend over time. Choices B, C, and D are incorrect and do not logically follow from the information provided in the text.




  1. 背景知識:
    • 邏輯論證
    • 時序進程
    • 因果相聯性
    • 找出與問題相關的關鍵信息
  2. 文化素養:
    • 亞瑟王傳奇
    • 騎士精神與英雄情操
    • 浪漫詩歌體與意象
    • 魔幻冒險文學的起源
  3. 高頻重點詞彙:
    • Predate v. (pre- + date) 存在於早期


*CB: College Board

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